Kat Kennedy Author

What drives family loyalty past the point of common sense? 

When Uncle Gus dies suddenly under dubious circumstances, his family is left with more than just a funeral to arrange. Gus has left a secret will and a family legacy so dysfunctional that the thought of refusing his wishes, even from the grave, is not once considered.
This is not a book depicting the genteel South of mint juleps on the front porch and Southern Belles. It is a book of stories about the hard drinking, hard living South. It is filled with characters like the worn and weary Jolene who discovers “being crazy is the easiest job {she} ever had,” and Ree Lambert whose wish to be left alone leads her to do the unthinkable. Slow Dog, Fast Train, about an abused dog, and Glenda Blows Up, about a lonely overweight teenager fall into the Southern grotesque genre.

Literature with grit and humor.