A Little Summer Joy with The Excelsior Band

As the heat and humidity has been ridiculously off the charts this week, I’ve been looking for a little diversion. The public library is the perfect place to get in out of the heat and enjoy the entertainment offered during their Summer Reading Program.

The famed Excelsior Band has been making the library rounds this week and the program was especially entertaining.

The Excelsior Band was established in 1883. Many of the current members have been playing with the band for 40+ years.

I knew it would be great. I’ve watched The Excelsior Band perform for Mardi Gras since moving to Mobile 11 years ago, and they never fail to put on a great show. The show at West Regional Mobile Library was no exception.

Excelsior Band plays for Summer Reading Program

Excelsior Band members are from left to right: Hosea London, Marion Ward, Leon Rhoden (drums), Kevin Ward, (special guest and son of Marion Ward, Theodore Arthur, and Charles Hall.

The guys were great with the young audience. But there was one young attendee that stole the show. The moment the band began to play three-year-old Kathryn Green began to dance in time with the music.

Kathryn Green enjoys the Excelsior Band.3 year old Kathryn Green (standing) enjoys the band. Kathryn is the daughter of Matt and Mary Green.

It was a joy to watch her uninhibited delight as she kept time with the band and tried to get the whole crowd into it. If you need a little pick me up you can watch Kathryn’s performance here.

(A big thank-you to parents Matt and Mary Green for sharing their daughter with the rest of us.)

As I watched Kathryn’s performance, I couldn’t help but imagine how wonderful it would be if we all had her ability to fully live in the moment. To let loose and leave our inhibitions behind and embrace life with pure elation. It’s a lesson we all could use.

I left smiling. Her joy and enthusiasm was contagious.

Isn’t that what life is all about? To have joy and enthusiasm and share it with those around us?

I hope you take the time today to enjoy Kathryn’s dance and listen to the Excelsior Band. I promise it will bring you a smile. And maybe help you forget about the heat for a minute.

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