Alabama the Ugly? Pretty is as Pretty Does.

By now my fellow Alabamians have read the story and heard the outrage about the poll conducted by Business Insider declaring us the state with the ugliest people.

Now, I don’t put a whole lot of stake in polls. But this one kind of got me a little riled up.

Not so much because Business Insider polled some random folks who have more than likely never even been to Alabama and had probably formed their opinions from watching Florida-loving, Alabama-hating Danial Tosh trash talk us on Tosh.O. (Folks, he’s just a Dolphins fan who hates NIck Saban and that’s his way of getting back!)

And sure we had that story about the Leprechaun sighting in Mobile that went national a few years back, but that just made us look crazy, not ugly. (Funniest thing I ever saw.)

No, what bothered me was the poll itself. Who asks that kind of thing? My mama would slap me silly.

Maybe it’s because I’m from the South and I’ve been taught better. You don’t poke fun at people. Why would you ask such a mean-spirited question? Especially, a fairly reputable magazine like Business Insider? I mean this isn’t some silly rumor magazine just out to stir up folks. Or at least it shouldn’t be. (Really, doesn’t this sound more like a junior high school slam book than a legitimate political/social poll?)

Other questions in the survey included: Which state would you like to see leave the union? Which state has the strangest accent? Which state is the dumbest?

I have a question. What is the dumbest poll you’ve ever seen?

Congrats Business Insider, you are a winner!

Perhaps you should spend your time and resources conducting more useful and least polarizing surveys in the future. Maybe what we as a nation need from a forum such as yours is relevant questions such as: Is your life better now than it was five years ago? Has your medical costs increased in the last two years? Is your state keeping the environment healthy?

Then you could reveal something worthwhile to your readers and become part of a valid discussion in the solution to the country’s growing divide, rather than just another way of one section pointing fingers at the other.

Now that would be something beautiful.





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