Antihistamine, Espresso and Jack Daniels


Another milestone in this author’s life — I have had my first television interview. The funny thing is, I didn’t say one thing I thought I would.

Well, maybe one. The “come down to my book signing in front of Mobile Arts Council on Dauphin Street Friday night from 6 – 8” line. But other than that, nothing I had played over and over in my head ever made it out of my mouth. And that’s probably for the better.

Pat Greenwood, ever the professional, made the whole ordeal fun and the interview very conversational. The time just flew by! Before I knew it, I was back in the car and wondering what in the world I had talked about.

Did I really just say on LIVE television that I was retired? Correction – I took an EARLY retirement from teaching.

Oh well, for good or bad, face swollen due to allergies and steroids or not, had to go on a little early because someone didn’t show up and I didn’t get that last check of make-up and lipstick withstanding, I am now on film plugging Flamingo Funeral.

A big thanks to Pat for giving me the interview and making me feel right at home. (When I watched it back at home after a good stiff drink, it wasn’t as bad as I feared, except for the swollen face and itchy eyes.)

And a thank you to Mobile Arts Council for providing a table for LoDa Artwalk this week, so I had a signing to promote.

But most of all, thank you RyMed and Espresso for getting me to the studio.

Now where is that shot glass?

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