About Kat

I live in Mobile, AL, home of the first Mardi Gras. I grew up in a small town in southeast Alabama. This is when I first embraced the art of storytelling. My grandfather was one of the best storytellers I’ve ever known.

I write stories set in the Deep South. My favorite themes are family loyalty and the repercussions of the South’s brutal past. I feel lucky to live in a place of unique language, custom, music, and I admit, a little craziness. This is not the genteel South of mint juleps on the front porch and Southern belles, but a colorful and complicated place I am proud to call home.

And, yes, I’ve won some awards had some things published, but that’s not why I do it. I believe it’s important to leave something behind. The craziness of growing up in the South is a springboard from which I jump off into my world of fiction. It helps make sense of the world, and if people get a laugh from my dysfunctional family tree – all the better.

Here’s a few things about me: I love old blues, good whiskey, and writing. Tell me a funny story, and I’ll elaborate. Tell me a good joke, and I’ll cackle. Give me a good book, and I’ll devour it and pass it along. Give me rock and roll, and I’ll dance. Give me a good bluegrass band, I might even sing.

I hope you’ll join me on Tea Cakes and Whiskey and let me know what you think about the blog. Hope to hear from you soon.

Bye now, y’all come on back anytime!