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Dear Mr. T.S. Eliot,

(Yes, I talk to dead people. But don’t we all?)

I love The Waste Land. The whole burial of the dead, fire sermon – chess game, death by water, the agony in stony places, the assertion that April is the cruelest month. (It’s true. I just finished taxes and April still retains it position as the cruelest month.)

But sir, the past year has put April to shame. March was a mother. February kicked my ass. And January? She was a mean old bitch.  December and November … well, you get the point.

Now, sir, you have inspired me to shake it off and get back to business.


Cautiously Optimistic

Hey Y’all!  It’s Poetry month!

So in honor of the Muse, and her annoying habit of fleeing my grasp, I share this poem about searching for the balance between life and art. I hope you enjoy it.

Things Left Undone

I never finish anything.

All around me lie

bits and pieces,

bits and pieces.

this and that.

Life seems splintered –


drawn and quartered –


Even you, little one,

creation mine,

will soon fall by the wayside.

Simile and metaphor

amble astray.

Adjectives dangle

from thin-wired construction –

to and fro,

to and fro.

Hope you enjoyed my little wayward poem. Please let me know what y0u think!

Kat Kennedy

copyright 2006 © Kat Kennedy

first published in The Sampler Fall 2006

by Alabama State Poetry Society




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