Beth Hart: She Sure Can Sing

Beth Hart is my new blues obsession. Her voice is a burnt-honey gravel — the perfect sound for a good blues song. A couple of years ago, she was voted 20th best blues voice. (I’m not sure it shouldn’t be higher.) I found her by accident, just like all the best things in life are found. I was checking out the guitarist, Joe Bonamassa and there was this awesome woman singing with him and I was hooked. That big voice just screams the blues, and if you watch the video, I think you’ll see what I mean.

Hart has been around for a while. She’s been popular in Holland and England for years. Born in 1972, she’s spent a couple of decades singing around LA, starting when she was fifteen, so she’s paid some dues. Now, her US audiences are getting the message. In 2014, she was nominated for Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year, and the next year another nomination for blues vocalists. Watch her sing “ I’d Rather Go Blind” with Jeff Beck at The Kennedy Honors for Buddy Guy to see why.

I love a singer who makes you believe what they’re singing! Hart does justice to this Etta James song like no one I’ve ever heard sing it can. It’s edgy and moving and sends chills down your spine.

Hart was on track in the 90’s to a promising career, but she suffered from drug addiction. She is also bi-polar, the symptoms of which she blamed on the drugs. But now, she is embracing a second chance. And embracing it she is. In 2000 she married Scott Guertzkov her road manager. In 2016 she released the studio album, Fire on the Floor, to critical acclaim, and she is in the middle of a very successful tour.

Here’s the official video for Fire on the Floor

I’m looking forward to seeing where Beth Hart will be going from here. She is clearly a talented singer, songwriter and musician. All I can do is quote the old Gram Parsons song: “Man, she sure can sing!”

The first song I ever hear Beth Hart sing was Sam Cooke’s “A Change Gonna Come.” What a voice.

Keep up with Beth Hart’s tour at her official site: Beth Hart

Now, it’s Monday Morning so WAKE UP! Here’s Beth with Slash and Whole Lotta Love. Yeah, she rocks, too!

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