Follow Up on That Gut Follow

In full disclosure, I didn’t make it to the store to get a bone for broth, but I did listen to the free audio tapes for today! AND I WILL get that dang bone in the morning! I spent a bit of time in research about this program, and then called my dear friend, Mary who has dealt with autoimmune disease longer than I have and has been a life-line for me with this stuff. Thanks, Girl!

So, here’s what I can tell you. Yes, they’ll try to sell you something. Yes, some talks are better than others. Yes, I’d appreciate it if you check it out through here, but truth is knowing me, I’ve probably got it linked wrong to benefit me monetarily anyway. Yes, you’ll have to check out a website to hear a talk, so I may be unsubscribing from some health sites after this.

But on the positive, if you have the kind of chronic, systemic health problems that make it hard to have the life you want, it’s worth a try. And it’s free! I’ve listened to seven audios now and have learned many things.

The most important thing I learned today is to move!

Rhino Records Calendar
I got for Christmas!

So I moved! I didn’t worry about having the right yoga pants or whatever. I just put on my headphones and stretched my achy body to James Taylor and then cleaned house to the Doors.

Now, you have 13 hours until tomorrow’s free Autoimmune Revolution.

I’m heading into the kitchen for a little yoga/oven cleaning while I’m listening to the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson.

Now watch Wanda and Jack White cover Dylan’s Thunder on the Mountain. Till tomorrow.

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