Following My Gut

Good Morning! If you have been a Tea Cakes and Whiskey reader for long, you’ve probably noticed that I sometimes go off the rails. Months will go by without a post. I know that’s not good. I am sorry. I have dozens of abandoned posts, first lines, song lists, all waiting for me to come back and finish them.

You may be thinking by now that I’m fairly lazy. Or I am a great procrastinator. Or I just don’t really give a shit about writing on this website. NOPE! I care very much about reaching out to the world. In fact, I was once out in the world — planning charity events, teaching, volunteering busy, busy, busy.

But things change. We never know what will come our way. It’s been fifteen years since I was diagnosed with lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, and fibromyalgia. A trifecta of autoimmune diseases.

On the very day my husband was offered a job here in beautiful Mobile, AL on the Gulf Coast, I was given the diagnosis. BAM! I had just settled into my new office at Southern Union teaching college literature, my dream job. BAM! Time to move and by the way you have lupus and a couple of sidekick diseases to make things interesting. BAM! Oh, and you can’t be in the sun now. BAM!  (WTF  I’m moving to the Gulf Coast.)

Now, by the time I was diagnosed, I had already been taking some medications that made me feel much better than the flu-like symptoms and overwhelming fatigue that had brought me to the rheumatologist in the first place. In fact, my first visit was so terrible I left in tears. You see I knew my blood work pointed to rheumatoid arthritis and, as a teacher, I had already made my plan of action. When the doctor told me he thought I had “lupus presenting itself as arthritis,” I thought,”Great, a disease with a split personality!”

But it wasn’t funny. The only thing I knew about lupus was that one of my favorite authors, Flannery O’Connor died within five years of being diagnosed. I had a broke down waiting to get blood drawn in the lab.

Now, fast forward fifteen years. We are firmly established in Mobile, but it’s not been easy. The environment here is not kind to my immune system, three hurricanes in the first two years caused stress and left plenty of mold to deal with, and within three years of moving to Mobile, I was in such bad shape, I was forced to quit teaching.

It took a couple of years to get the lupus under control, but finally, I was able to get off half my meds (I still take 16 medications, so not ideal.), I lost the 90 lbs I put on during the prednisone days, and I had more good days than bad.

But lately, I realize my health is slipping again. The last few years have been rough. Who knows what’s going on? Global warming, stress, aging, bad diet choices, not being mindful? We all fall prey to getting lazy and not being diligent with our health. Not being our best selves.

And it’s hard not to fall into a funk when you wake up in pain every day. Lupus is a tricky bitch. You never know when she’ll strike. I can go to bed feeling great and wake up unable to walk. It’s just that unpredictable and frustrating. Mix that with aging, life’s ups and downs, raising a granddaughter, you get the picture.

Last night as I was putting my phone on the charger, I happened to hit my email and I had an email from Autoimmune Revolution:Breaking the Cycle of Pain. Now, I had just hobbled to bed after cleaning the kitchen and taking my pain medicine to get through the night, so this email really caught my attention.

I signed up before going to bed. When I woke up in pain this morning at 2 am, I started listening to the free audios.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to try out some of these suggestions. The first thing I’m going to try is Bone Broth. Slow cooked bone broth is supposed to be good for healing the gut, halting inflammation, burning fat, and stabilizing blood sugar. All things I need right now. Word is if you get your gut in line, the rest is soon to follow.

I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how it tastes, and I’ll keep you informed throughout the month of February about my journey to a healthier state of being.

If you want to check the free info out yourselves, click here

Please let me know if you find the information helpful along the way. I’m not ready to go down without a fight, so if it takes Bone Broth and a little Pro-active resolution, I’m up for it! We’ll get back to travel and music soon!

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3 Responses to Following My Gut

  1. Les Kerr says:

    Take care and hang in, there, Kat!

    • Kat Kennedy says:

      Hey Les, I am. I’ve been writing songs here lately. My son is fixing my daddy’s old Gibson and I’m cleaning up my son’s old Fender electric. We’re hoping to play around with them this summer. My brother’s gonna join in I hope. I’m about ready for an old fashioned “sang” down on the farm!

    • Kat Kennedy says:

      PS I’m sure you have, but if not, listen to the Wanda Jackson, The Party Aint Over, produced by Jack White. Pretty awesome.

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