Jason Turner Band’s Apology on Repeat Great Music/Great Writing

Anyone who reads my blog or stories knows how much I love the well-written song. Most of my stories center around a song or have characters who have favorite songs or are touched by a certain song in some way.

It’s always exciting to discover new bands and song writers who you feel are also poets and kindred spirits. Such is the case with the Jason Turner Band.

The band itself, isn’t new, as they’ve been working at this a long time, but Apology on Repeat was just released last week. Below is the review I wrote for the release. Hope you enjoy it and take time to listen to the music.

Jason Turner Band – Mississippi’s Best Kept Secret


Mississippi has a secret. But I doubt it will remain one for long. The Jason Turner Band has released Apology on Repeat and it’s one not to miss. Jason Turner, a Jackson, Miss., native is a skilled musician and songwriter who has spent the last 16 years honing his skills on the road – many times solo, and it has paid off big time.

Apology on Repeat is a masterful work of soulful songs, each one a personal anthem of love gone wrong (or right), life on the road and facing down demons, all set to a blend of blues, country and rock all interjected with memorable guitar riffs.

The record is high energy and the songs beautifully written. Maybe that’s what makes Apology on Repeat a great album. There are moments of unexpected twists and turns such as the confessional Summertime, which begins with Turner’s feel-good harmonica intro and then floors us with the lyrics, “I am a liar, deceiver, a thief,/But most will tell you I’m nice./To stick a knife in your back/I hate to say, most days I wouldn’t think twice./I write the lines/But my truth’s never told/It’s summertime, but my heart is so cold.” There’s something magical about a songwriter who opens his soul on the page, and Turner does this in every song.

Other standout songs on the album are: “Can’t Let Go” about the desire to change, but the inability to do so. “Everything that you know about me/Are the things I want to change/Everything that you know about me/Are the things I want to remain/Everything that you know about me/Are the things that I just can’t let go,” and “Lose You” about a man who is carrying on the sins of his father in his relationship, but is powerless to stop, even while recognizing his bad behavior.

Jason Turner Band has built a faithful following in Mississippi who rave about the band’s live performances. Band members are Matt Newman drums and Andy Burkzynski upright bass. The album was produced by Steve Blaze of Lillian Axe.

From the looks of the website, they are beginning to branch out in east Alabama (playing a show last March in Opelika) and Texas (scheduled to play in San Antonio in July). So the secret is already starting to leak out.

Let’s hope they make their way down to the Alabama Gulf Coast before long. This is one band you don’t want to miss!

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