Monday Morning Blues Songlist


The Monday after a holiday seems to always be a drag. After indulging on turkey, pie and fixins, we wake up sluggish and dragging. Maybe it’s just me. But I am certainly moving at a slower pace than usual this morning.


So I thought I’d just share a bare bones Monday Morning Blues playlist of my favorite Monday Blues songs. I will take some liberties here, as some of these songs may not exactly fall into the genre of blues,

but I hope you enjoy them anyway. Maybe they’ll get you over your holiday hangovers, so you’ll be in the mood to welcome Christmas, Hanukka, Festivus, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Eid Milad ul-Nabi, Yule, Bodhi Day, Pancha Ganapati, or whatever you celebrate in December.

And if you’re still suffering the effects of tryptophan, just hit play and hibernate a few more hours.


Stormy Monday The Allman Brothers Band. This is one of my favs, and I know they’ve recorded it many times, but I have to go back to the beginning when Duane was still with the band.


Monday Morning Blues Mississippi John Hurt


Blue Monday Fats Domino


I Don’t Like Mondays Tori Amos Yeah, I know it’s by Boomtown Rats, but I really like this Tori Amos cover.


Rainy Days and Mondays The Carpenters. I had to include this to prepare for the annual listening of The Carpenters Christmas Album.

Monday Wilco


Monday Morning Buckingham Nicks I’ve always liked their pre-Fletwood Mac recording of this. Couldn’t find the studio cut, but the entire album Buckingham Nicks is on You Tube.

Monday Monday The Mamas and Papas

There you go. Hope you enjoy the list and your holiday recovery goes smoothly.









One Thought to “Monday Morning Blues Songlist”

  1. Sherri Jowers Spurlock

    I love it sis all the right songs to start our week. I love you sis. Just keep um coming

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