Tea Cakes & Whiskey Introduces Monday Morning Blues

Welcome back to Tea Cakes and Whiskey. We have a new look. Some new pages. And just in time for Labor Day, a new segment called Monday Morning Blues.

Before we get started with today’s selections,  I’d like to point out that I’ve gone back and added a few surprises in some of my old posts. Look for the Vinyl Rules logo and be sure to stop by and check it out.

Also, come back to visit Photography and Poetry as I will be adding new selections each month.

Now, let’s get started with the first Monday Morning Blues Post.

Can we all agree that Mondays are shit? You open your eyes and think, What fresh hell is this?  Your blood flows like molasses. The coffee won’t come quick enough. You remember all the crap you forgot to do to get ready for the week. You just want to crawl back under the covers and say to hell with it.

What is there left to do but sing the blues?

So when you finally make it to the car after sloshing coffee all over your shoes (maybe that’s just me) and tripping on the rake you left in the yard (oh, yeah, that’s what I forgot to do), here’s a few suggestions to get your mood adjusted before you head into to work with wet shoes and a bad attitude.

For the first Monday Morning Blues Playlist I’m going full on Howlin Wolf. There’s nothing like listening to him talk about the song to brighten my day. His little anecdotes are pure joy. I dare to listen to him talk and stay in a bad mood.  The song Back Door Man, probably known by most from The Doors cover, was written by Willie Dixon. (Stay tuned for the importance of Willie Dixon to the blues and rock and roll.)

Oh, and a note on interpretation. Back Door Man refers to a man who is sleeping with a married woman. He uses the back door for a discreet entrance to her house and a quick exit should her husband come home. There is nothing in the song that alludes to anal sex. End of discussion.


Next up, Smokestack Lightening. Notice the Bass player in the shot with Howlin? That’s none other than Willie Dixon the author of Back Door Man. Yes, they called him Big Willie Dixon.

Last for today’s post is another Willie Dixon song made popular through rock and roll. Cream recorded Spoonful on their album, Fresh Cream, in 1966. Ten Years After covered it a year later. Howlin Wolf’s recording preceded them by almost a decade.

If you need more of Howlin Wolf, hop on over to my You Tube channel and check out the Howlin Wolf Playlist for Tea Cakes and Whiskey.

So for now, welcome back. Or welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy. And please drop a comment below. And as always, thank you for having a taste of Tea Cakes and Whiskey!

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