The Crescent Theater and Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Saturday before Mardi Gras it is our usual family outing in which we take the kids to see the Mystics of Time Parade in downtown Mobile after filling up on King Cake and enough Community coffee to get us adults off the couch.

This particular Mardi Gras Saturday was even more fun, as I had the Mobile Writer’s Guild Book Market in the morning at the West Regional Library. I was up early to cart books up to the library and enjoy meeting new readers.

Except for running a little late, having to maneuver around blockades on Water Street and finding ourselves unable to get into the parking lot because a train was stopped at the crossing (in the middle of the crossroad), we managed to get to the parade without missing too much.

Once the parade was over, we sent the youngest kids home with their aunt, Poppi took the oldest one to South’s basketball game, and I took my son and daughter-in-law to The Crescent to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show in all its crackly 35 mm glory.

I suppose it seems a strange choice to see with your son and his wife, but this had been on my daughter-in-law’s bucket list for a long time. And it was Mardi Gras. So we decided to go with it.

I think it had been at least thirty years since I had been to a showing of Rocky Horror, but all the lines just came right back to me. We did the Time Warp, yelled select words at the screen, and laughed at Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s running commentary. (Kudo’s to the guy who portrayed Frank and was our leader for the night!) Great legs, too!

We all absolutely fell in love with The Crescent and its staff. They were welcoming and made the experience so much fun.

So thanks Max Morey and staff for a great evening in a wonderful venue. Keep up the good work.

Rock and Roll!


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