The Doves are Crying

I have this purple shirt that I hardly ever wear. But I’ve been trying to go minimalist, and thought I’d wear it yesterday to run errands. The theory being, if you don’t love to wear a piece of clothing, let it go.

When I left Target, I started to plug in my phone to listen to Hamilton. (I’m completely obsessed, but more on that in a later blog.) However, Purple Rain was playing on the radio, so of course, I jammed along. You just can’t help but sing along when Prince is on the radio!

Then — the news. Prince was dead. At fifty-fucking-seven. Just a year younger than me.

The next song they played was When Doves Cry.  I admit, I was a little verklempt. Now all the stories are coming out about the things he did behind the scenes without calling attention to himself. The vault of songs no one has ever heard. He’s support of Black Lives Matter. His sense of humor. His kindness. His shyness.

I am not only  impressed by his talent and musical/theatrical genius, but by the man himself.  The world would be a much better place if it had a heart like his.

So in honor of Prince, please enjoy my favorite performance featuring Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison.

I hope he is “laughing in the purple rain.” From this pic of the rainbow that appeared over his house, I think he is.





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