These Days



First, let me say that I am sorry for having neglected my little, humorous (hopefully), Southern (definitely), blog. Sometimes our lives take us to places we never imagined –both good and bad, light and dark. Those good and light places tend to leave us delightfully busy with friends, food, drink and travel. We tend to neglect responsibilities. Oh, we take notes on our adventures. Pack them away for the day we get back to “the real world” where we’ll settle down and write about our joyous adventures.

But the bad and dark? Those are the sinkholes of life. They swallow us wh0le. Leave us confused, angry, afraid, sad. We live on edge, unsteady.  Life doesn’t hand us lemons we can make into lemonade. It hands us rotten fruit weighed down with blight and oozing through every waking hour.

But here’s the thing about life — eventually, we realize we have choices. You know that free will we hear so much about. Certainly, we can choose to stay in the muck. Continue to wallow in the shit storm of life. Or we can drag ourselves out and wash the shit off. We can live.

Me? I can wallow with the best of them. But only for so long. Then I have to get my ass out of bed, pull my head out of it and open my eyes. Yeah, it’s still a shit storm out here, but I’m gonna pour sugar on it and call it chocolate.

I won’t bore you with all the details that caused my hiatus from the blog. We all have something. But just so y0u know — I’m still kicking. And if life doesn’t bring me sunshine and roses, I’ll just wear my rain coat.

In that spirit, here’s a link to my favorite rainy day songs. And an extra track: Gregg Allman’s cover of Jackson Browne’s These Days.

Did you know Jackson Browne wrote this song at 16?


Y’all come back now!

2 Thoughts to “These Days”

  1. Sherri Jowers. Spurlock

    Well put I understood everything you were talking about sis. Cause I’ve been there and done that I love you And yes things will be better because YOU. choose for them to be stay strong. 😀 AND. JUST KEEP ON SMILING.

    1. Just like Wet Willie Sang, Keep on Smilin Through the Rain! Thanks for the comment!

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