Tom Petty: The Soundtrack of Generations

There are a few artists that whenever you hear them you are taken back to a certain time in your life. They provide the soundtrack for the happy days, the not so happy days, the angry, pissed off, ain’t gonna take this shit anymore days. Tom Petty was that artist. It hurts to write was because he left a part of himself with us through his music that will always be present. His death last week was unexpected. A blow to those of us who loved his music.

Tom Petty felt like a friend. He was with us on those road trips of our youth.  He spurred us on as we were Running Down a Dream. He offered an anthem the for standing up for a cause in I Won’t Back Down. He provided the smooth melody of lazy summer days when we were young and stoned and Freefallin. And as we and he grew older, he told us “never slow down, you never grow old,” and we sang along and in that moment when we joined our voices with his whether at a concert or driving in the car or standing around a bonfire, we believed! And for that, I am thankful!

I am on the road this weekend, and yes, Tom Petty is my traveling companion. Also along is my ten year old granddaughter. Usually we listen to Hamilton because we both love it, so after playing Tom Petty for an hour, I switched over to Hamilton. Then we stopped for gas and a break. Walking back to the car, my granddaughter asked, “Can we play some more Tom Petty?”

That’s what makes a legend, folks.

Here’s a few of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers songs that I love that possibly aren’t as well known as the usual top ten or twenty Petty songs. The last I discovered not long ago. It’s not a Tom Petty original, but I think it is awesome! Hope you enjoy.


2 Thoughts to “Tom Petty: The Soundtrack of Generations”

  1. Sherri spurlock

    Great blog sis I love it. And I love you si

    1. Southern Sass

      Thanks! He had some great music. Loved his cover of Lost Highway.

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